With EUU and Spreaders on drums. 

Last night. Silent Barn GuitarCenter.

"untitled" (tpwthreeinchcdr3), limited 3" CDr in Floppy Disk

edition of 9

$5 obo

def obo.

vnr 2014

Upcoming TPW related shows

August 7 @ Silent Barn; curated by Ian C Swanson

August 23 @ Index Art Center (Newark nj)

September 4th in Clinton, NJ


Live at John Ryle House

Live at John Ryle House


  • 2015
  • -tpwstereo?, “dog sun” TBA
  • -decaying youth painting, TBA
  • -“SLOB”, TBA
  • -tpwstereo10, “goofy stunna” TBA
  • -Napkin III (Lounge Chair & Car Radio Version), Booklet with CDrTBA
  • -dislocation no.11, TBA
  • -subterranean racecar intellectual (post-tantrum OCD), TBA
  • 2012
  • -“weirdo” pts.1 & 2, via cae-sur-a, c32
  • -double lice (two live trax for no audience), cheap internet download
  • -“I’m Sold”, limited edition square 7”x7” one-sided polycarbonate lathe-cut
  • -fr334all.2 compilation via Synchronausea*
  • -TWENTY THREE SECONDS OV TIME VOLUME 5: in chaos we trust via AIN23*
  • -split cassette with EVERY SLUT COULD BE A STAR, (split spit single), c10
  • -digital split with EVERY SLUT COULD BE A STAR, “split spit single”, internet download
  • -tpwstereo9, “swinger faults”, c48
  • -“older works”, internet download
  • -Sexy Noise For Maria Ozawa, via Devil Noise Records*
  • -split cassette with Hobo Cubes, VVVNRTAPE001, c40
  • -poem box drawings (digital re-release), internet download
  • -fashionista (digital re-release), internet download
  • -tpwstereo8, “red hair thingy” , c70
  • -butterknife digital reissue, internet download
  • -Napkin III, internet download
  • -BEKO 100*
  • -tpwstereo7, (COUTURE), c10 and internet download
  • -“disconeck” (re-release), internet download
  • -homeocrapic goal tenure, limited-run VHS, ~105 mins.
  • -“you’re just drawings, baby”. cassette version with zine, c73
  • -tpwstereo6, “accidental impetigo” cassette w/ card insert, c78
  • 2011
  • -“you’re just drawings, baby”, internet download with .pdf
  • -collaborative split cassette with Inés Navarro, “Honkie & Latina in V&RSTEREO7”, c77
  • -split cassette with MCDX3, “test EP” 2nd Edition (memory fail/nerdoriffic), c73
  • -“wierdo” cdr
  • -Lobit Edit via Devil Noise Records*
  • -“Honkie & Latina” digital sample teezer, internet download
  • -dead digital single
  • -tpwstereo5, “happy super soaker”, ~c50
  • -tpwstereo4, “delicate sentimental vomit (bride no.3)”, c50
  • -split cassette with MCDX3, “test EP” (nerdoriffic/memory fail), c60
  • -ceiling fan winter, digital EP
  • -napkume cdr
  • -split with Chineselightbulb, beko_76, internet download via BEKO DSL
  • -clés de mémoire oublier, expensive internet download
  • -split cassette with Pradada, V&Rstereo5, “Junk Ruby/ceiling fan winter”, c70
  • 2010
  • -blind faith, coca cola monorail, internet download via New Bird landowner
  • -“woman w/ arm”, expensive digital download
  • -tpwstereo3, “cluts master”, c32
  • -Hobo Cult Compilation #2, internet download*
  • -quad tits Ep one-off-cdr, gift to WDBX
  • -tpw october one-off-cdr trilogy: “cool man”, “woman w/ arm”, “lonely dog needs an open window”
  • -Wichsen Vixen, internet download via Misspelled Records
  • -“equals three” cdr
  • -gross memories cdr
  • -HLFP 05 “Space is Still the Place” compilation, internet download*
  • -subcopter cdr, (collaborative track w/ chineselightbulb)
  • -“information” cdr
  • -tpwstereo2, “acoustic guitar whore”, c32
  • -Sept âmes (seven souls) Zine’ with compilation cdr thru Hobo Cult*
  • -haircutcutie cassette, limited digital single
  • -butterknife, unlimited internet download and limited special edition cdr
  • 2009
  • -split cassette with New Years Baby, V&Rstereo4, “deconstructed house and guitar”, c60
  • -tpwstereo1, “dismantle”, c32
  • -V&R Stereo II cassette, c72*
  • -tpwmono3, “blind faith coca cola monorail”, c100
  • -tpwmono2, “variable vaginas”, c90
  • -“cash rulez the downloads AKA nobody carez”, limited internet download
  • -tpwmono1, “contradiction cave”, c32
  • -Hippies Before Priests: “soft private birth”, internet download*
  • -split cassette with chineselightbulb, vnrmono5, “hermetic black electric”, c15
  • 2008
  • -napkin cdr
  • -vnrmono3, “cushioned feet/ fright plight”, c120
  • -fashionista cdr
  • -vnrmono1, “kold/diarrhea”, c90*
  • -poem box drawings cdr
  • 2007
  • -disconeck: the last album cdr
  • -Neu Digital cdr
  • -broken heart cdr
  • 2006
  • -deathbed cdr
  • 2005
  • -failure disk cdr
  • -run on sentences cdr
  • 2004
  • -simply sleep cdr
  • -incoherent nosie cdr
  • 2003
  • -Cock twitch/ Once again cdr
  • -summer waste cdr
  • -jtbobm cdr
  • *indicates a compilation
  • all releases via VNR unless otherwise noted.
  • all inquiries contact thicklypaintedwalls@gmail.com